The MAD Easy load hoist stands out against all other loading systems. The system is available in two loading capacities, 1,100lbs & 550lbs. Using the electrically powered extending boom you can easily lift the load with a touch of a button. The handy mobile control unit can be operated very simply with one hand. The system doesn’t require any other equipment and you don’t have to rely on the facilities available at a delivery or collection point.

This hoist relieves drivers and employees from on work injury and helps avoid health and safety work issues. Especially the avoidance of back complaints associated with repeated lifting and sliding of heavy loads. The hoist increases the flexibility and productivity of your fleet through improved loading capacity and vehicle deployment.

The MAD Easy load onboard loading system consists of high quality, compact winch unit with extendable boom. The stable lightweight construction guarantees absolute reliability and is maintenance-fee.

The installation couldn’t be easier. The hoist is mounted on a lightweight self-supporting sub- frame which is positioned by an attachment to the existing anchor points in the vehicle loading area. Only two cables have to be connected for the power supply from the vehicle-expensive modification are unnecessary.

When the vehicles are exchanged the system can easily be un-installed and re-installed again, avoiding wasted capital. The Easy Load system can be installed in Ford, Mercedes, Nissan, Dodge and van bodies.

Technical Data: 1,100lbs Hoist 550lbs Hoist
 Maximum Lifting Capacity  1,100lbs  550lbs
 Length When Retracted  90 Inches  75 Inches
 Maximum Load Height  118 Inches  118 Inches
 Dead Weight  330lbs  220lbs
 Winch specification  12V 100A  12V 100A
 Winch Operation  Electrical Push Button  Electrical Push Button
 Slide System  Electrical Push Button  Electrical Push Button
 Lifting Speed  2 Inches Per Second  4 Inches Per Second
 Cable Thickness  3/18 Inch  .19 Inch
 Average Install time  4 hours  4 hours

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