Swivel Loading Ramp Series

Removable ramp with 800 Lbs. loading capacity
880 – 1300 Lbs. loading capacity
1,300 – 3,300 Lbs. loading capacity


  • Reduces time of loading and transport.
  • Decreases operator fatigue.
  • Improve working conditions.
  • Operator can safety perform any transfer procedures.

Advantages & Applications

  • Easy to use, 10 seconds fast to deploy & lightweight
  • Improved working conditions
  • Operator can safely perform any transfer procedures
  • Custom features & sizes available
  • WM system swivel loading ramps have many uses, meeting all loading and unloading requirements.
  • WM ramps can be employed in every sector where a load needs to be transported. The use of WM ramps reduces time in loading and unloading materials, decreasing consequently costs and efforts.
  • We strive to create personalized solution according to the needs of our clients and we are able to offer customized ramps for most light commercial vehicles.

Commitment and quality

  • WM systems began in 1991, manufacturing swivel loading ramps for the purpose of loading big machines on light commercial vehicles, based out of Reggio Emila, Italy.
  • These ramps are designed with efficiency in mind.
  • Their ramps are adaptable with over 600 sizes and models to fit into most light commercial vehicles, making them the ideal solution for your loading needs.
  • The patented spring-operated system allows a single person, using only 33lbs of effort to open and close the ramp.
  • They ensure that each production process meets the highest standards with a welding department enabling them to implement total control over every stage.
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