The most complete and practical of WM System’s swivel loading ramps.
  • 880 – 3,300 Lbs. loading capacity
  • 180 degree external & internal swivel
  • Suitable for most loading and weight requirements
  • Gas spring assist standard to ever ramp for ease of use
  • Equipped with horizontal and vertical opening
  • Ramp floor is made from anti-slip aluminum
  • Larger versions standard with additional “wheel kit” to make lowering easier

PC Series Technical Data

Maximum Load Capacity: 1300-2200 Lbs.
Power Required: Approx. 33 Lbs.
Space Required: Approx. 6″
Warranty: 2 Years

Model Width Length D Loading Capacity A B C Weight of Ramps Ford Transit High Roof Ford Transit Mid Roof Ram ProMaster High Roof Ram ProMaster Low Roof Mercedes Sprinter High Roof Mercedes Sprinter Low Roof Nissan NV High Roof
91617 47 98 2200  54 50.35 59.6  216  x  x  x  x x  x  x
91120 47 118 2200  63.6 50.35 59.6  264  x  x  x  x
91729 47 128 3300  67 50.35 59.6  288  x  x  x

All measures in inches, All weights in Lbs.

Wheel Kit

The wheel kit is mounted on every PC wider than 47″ and longer than 118″. The Wheel kit is made to assist the opening of larger

Removable Extension Kit

Extension suitable for all ramps to gain an improved loading angle.

Additional Third Piece Kit

Factory fitted into the ramp. Ideal for loading into low-roofed vehicles.

Maximum Width 39″  Maximum Load Capacity 1,300 Lbs.

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