Being able to manage a spill or icy pavement quickly and effectively is an essential part of any safety program. Shield your workspace and keep it in excellent condition with our bulk storage bins. You’ll find a variety of PE storage bins that benefit with years of trouble free resistance of damage from corrosion, chemicals, salt, etc. Our products have been placed throughout agriculture, maintenance shops, office complexes, apartments, marinas, etc…

Part # Capacity Weight Dimensions
JBS110 22 Gallons 18 lbs. 22” x 15” 19”
JBS130 34 Gallons 26 lbs. 29” x 33” x 19”
JBS200 34 Gallons 26 lbs. 34” x 40” x 23”
JBS500 132 Gallons 56 lbs. 50” x 34” x 36”
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